About Me

Welcome to my official website.

Wonderment! Inspiration! A sense of being! These are some of the feelings I remember discovering as a young boy while I fished along the banks the rivers and lakes of Nova Scotia, Canada. As anglers, we know that the fish that we pursue are not often the core reason we chase them. We know that we seek the water in pursuit of a deeper connection to the earth – to place ourselves within the natural world. For that reason, I chose to pursue a career that allowed me to spend my days thinking of fish and the places they live.

After graduating with a BSc and MSc from Acadia University, and a PhD from Dalhousie University, I worked as a post-doctoral research fellow with the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research in Windsor, Ontario. I’ve also worked as a biologist for the federal and provincial governments and also as a private consultant.

Today I am a research scientist who studies the ecology of recreational fish species and species at risk. I currently work as part of a joint initiative between the Nova Scotia Salmon Association and the province of Nova Scotia with the aim of restoring recreational Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout fisheries. My research interests include; acid rain mitigation, biotelemetry, invasive species and predator-prey relationships.

As you’ll quickly notice, this site is currently under construction. ┬áPlease bear with me as it is populated.


Eddie Halfyard